Rooted in Evil

Illustrated Branding

Houseplants for the Occult Enthusiast

In an ever-growing industry (pun fully intended), Rooted in Evil stands out with its spooky niche. Specializing in the darker side, this shop offers occult-themed houseplants, surprise boxes, and tips for growth methods. 

Direction & Process

The goat skull and Monstera adansonii logo that became the final design manifested after exploring different aspects of ‘evil’ and ‘occult’ imagery. My focus was to explore sketches and iterations thoroughly to create an interesting, unique, and genuine logo mark for the brand without simply repeating over-saturated imagery. 


I began the Rooted in Evil branding process with several client interviews so I could fully understand the project. After gathering a thorough understanding of the inspiration for the plant shop as a whole and the preferences of the client, I was happy to discover I was given the opportunity to create an illustrated logo. Having been given the freedom to roam within the darker imagery and styles, using organic subject matter was a dream. My favorite piece of inspiration was the client’s love of the artist Madam Talbot. Our resolution concluded with a darker, earthy color scheme and outlined illustration that pops, as well as antique and apothecary-inspired type. 

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